Camino Charity

Who We Serve

Through supportive, carefully curated guided long-distance treks we help a wide range of people access the healing philosophies of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, to improve mental health, build self-esteem and find value in the diversity of life.


We work with ex-servicemen and women healing and recovering from the horrors of war. Focussing on helping veterans work through and manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other after-effects of conflict, our guided hikes offer the chance to find clarity and purpose for the future in the gentle companionship of others with similarly traumatic backgrounds. Veterans joining our treks can expect to find comradeship without judgment and the mental space to reframe their post-service life in terms of work and family.

Youth Groups

As with many youth non-profit organizations, our programs center on enabling young people to enjoy the benefits of overcoming a challenge together as a team to achieve a shared goal. In doing so, the experience of hiking the Camino de Santiago delivers valuable lessons in empathy and compassion for others, instills self-confidence, and improves self-belief. A long-distance trek is not a challenge to be underestimated and will test our youth participants’ resolve. However, with the challenge also comes a bucket-load of laughter and a life-affirming sense of pride and achievement.

Women’s Causes

We help groups of vulnerable women overcome trauma – be it domestic violence or other abuse – and recover trust in themselves and others. Our Camino treks for women offer a supportive, empowering environment in the company of peers with similar histories. We aim to use the calming, mind-focussing qualities of a long-distance hike to improve the general mental health and self-confidence of our participants. While challenging, the treks offer these women the chance to overcome self-doubt and find joy in the world once again.

Other Groups

A pilgrimage along the Camino is rooted in a long history of healing. We are here to share our expertise with anyone interested in hiking to Santiago de Compostela. Our aim is to help everyone experience the mental health benefits of a long-distance trek, and make the most of the culture and environment of the different Camino routes in northern Spain. Discover our educational videos and information – including what to see along the way and more detail about the history and philosophy of the pilgrimage – all available free of charge.