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We rely on the generosity of our donors to ensure our services are available to those most in need. Donate now and your money will go directly to helping veterans, vulnerable women and young people experience a life-changing trek that helps them overcome trauma, build resilience and self-confidence and learn empathy and compassion for others.


The stigma around mental health is a silent killer. With your help, we are changing the lives of those suffering alone – breaking through barriers and connecting them with others who find themselves in the same situation. Your support helps people who have lost their way find purpose, value, and self-belief through the completion of a long-distance trekking challenge.


We gratefully accept donations of any amount, large or small. Whether you are making a one-off gift or would like to become a regular supporter of our work, every dollar makes a huge difference to the lives of people suffering from the stress and trauma of conflict, abuse, or prejudice.


Your generous support helps us share the vital mental health benefits of the Camino de Santiago with all those who need our help.

Charity Treks – Sponsor Your Camino

Hike the Camino de Santiago for charity and every step you take brings the wellbeing benefits of the experience a little closer to someone in need. Charity treks may be challenging but as well as raising money to champion mental health, they are enormously rewarding for you too.

Choose to make a one-off donation as part of your trip cost, or ask friends and family to sponsor you as you take on the challenge to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on foot. Either way, your fundraising efforts will facilitate the healing of someone struggling with their mental health.

In return, we’ll be on hand to share our expertise and knowledge of the Camino with you – helping you make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Contact us now to find out more about our packages for fundraisers.

Organize An Event

From bake sales to trekking challenges and bike-a-thons to raffles, fundraising for The Camino Charity is a great way to have fun whilst giving back. Your event will directly support our work to improve mental health and offer people most in need the opportunity to experience a life-changing, life-enhancing journey along the Camino de Santiago.

What could you do?

The possibilities are endless. Contact us now if you’d like to organize an event. We have lots of fun ideas to get you started, and we’ll be on hand to support you through your fundraising activities.

Make Us Your Company’s Official Charity

More and more companies understand the benefits of long-standing corporate charity partnerships. Raise your profile in your local community and beyond through a series of charitable events and help staff develop skills that complement and enhance their day-to-day roles. Crucially, you’ll also bring your team together behind a cause they can all champion with pride.

If you choose The Camino Charity to be your company charity this year, we’ll be here to support you. We’ll help you put together fundraising events, promote your company’s altruism, and provide you with all the logos, images, and other resources you’ll need to make our partnership a success.

Mental health issues affect us all, whether that’s directly or indirectly. So choose us as your company’s official charity to become part of a legacy that changes the way we view mental health disorders. Your staff, your investors, and your customers can feel immensely proud to be working together to help veterans, women’s groups, and our young people to enjoy healthier, more valued lives.

The Camino Charity is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization working in Spain. Our mission is to help people learn about and experience the healing benefits of a long-distance trek along the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. We work with veterans, young people, and women’s groups to improve mental health, teach empathy and compassion, and help those who have experienced trauma to find value in life and clarity for the future. Through free-to-access videos and other resources, we also share our expertise and knowledge of the Camino de Santiago with anyone interested in a hiking experience.